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Brackitz Pulleys 77 Piece Set
Item#/SKU: 177467

Brackitz Pulleys 77 Piece Set

This Pulley Set includes 77 pieces and directions for 8 contraptions - from a moving draw ridge to a 4-foot flying zip line to a bucket escalator. With pulleys, axes, hubs, hook, crank and string, engineers of all ages will have fun building and cranking contraptions that haul, lift, slide and move up/down. No hard hat required.

Unlimited Contraptions; endless possibilities. Powered by Pulleys and Creativity. Unique, Rotating Connect-Anywhere System. Design using Pulleys and Center Weights! Build Zip Lines Over 4' Long! All Brackitz sets work together for mix-n-match play!

Made in the USA.

Our Price:  $39.99

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