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Experience the marriage of letters and numbers with the enthralling game of WOO!

Starting with four letter tiles in hand, players take turns drawing a tile, playing a spelled number, and discarding a tile. Your goal is to gain points by spelling out the numbers ONE through TEN using the letter tiles. Spell S-I-X and you get 6 points. Spell N-I-N-E and you get 9 points. - It's so simple yet so surprisingly brain-boosting and fun! If you spell T-E-N, then you're really on a roll, but look out! - If someone else has the WO-O tiles, then they can steal your T-E-N and turn it into a O-N-E plus T-WO for themselves! The first player to reach 21 or more points wins the game. Easy to learn, fun to play, and great for introducing simple addition and spelling concepts, WOO! is sure to be a great, educational game night hit.

Ages 6 & up.

Check out this quick, 1-minute video about Woo!

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